Are you feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of tasks ahead of you? Well, who doesn’t?

Performing many tasks at a time can be overwhelming, also there are days when you feel like you aren’t able to accomplish everything on your plate.

Maybe you should try changing a bit of the workplace melody. Idea Clan, a Chandigarh-based organization composed a soothing event like no other!

This company loved by the gen-z organized an event where its employees tune their hearts in the same place as they work. People often tend to think that working with organizations like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft will be more fun. It is so because it automatically becomes an interesting space to work with an eye-catching interior and not-so-worky place. That rang a bell!!

Rohit Ajmani wanted to create a space that gives a vibe, tunes your mind, and speaks your heart. Can you believe it? It sounds like a perfect spot to work!

Idea Clan believes in the power of Right Beat and Right Treat!

By building a creative and fun work culture they have never failed to surprise their employees.

Striking the right chord!

Idea Clan did something that freewheels the employees with a plate full of tasks. The clan streamed a spectacular performance by vocalist Gagan Brar and guitarist Simit Ahuja. They were also given the opportunity to hop on and pour their thoughts out in the forms of beautiful poetry, thoughtful speech, melodious songs, and much more. They decided to change the way of vibing for once and everyone present was taken to nirvana!

You must be wondering what made them choose a musical day instead of any other chilling. So, we asked them the same, and here’s what we got to know.

Change your afternoon with unplugged tune!

You might have always heard of jamming nights and Rock-on evenings. So, breaking the norms, we thought of opening our doors for an unplugged event in the afternoon instead of late evenings!” – Rohit Ajmani

Un-beat-able Folks!

From crunching numbers daily to bringing music to their ears, there wasn’t any moment where they didn’t experience a soothing aura. That’s why they called it hard money with harmony!