Throughout digital history, we have come across new technological advancements creating new opportunities for people in different ways. This article is for those who want to know the benefits and are looking forward to attending an affiliate conference in the near future.

Our Co-founders, Rohit Ajmani and Sahil Walia recently attended some great conferences all over the world with the entire team. One of them was the IAS 2022 which we attended with a lot of zest and zing!

Indian Affiliate Summit is one of the biggest conferences of affiliate marketing in India, featuring more than 2500 attendees, 700 organizations, 70 exhibitors, 300 advertisers and networks, and 50 keynote speakers. This event was held in Delhi, one of India’s tech capitals, and was completed with a great socializing and networking event.

IAS vs Other International Summits

The discrete distinction between the IAS and International Affiliate Summit showcases different solutions to the problems.

  • This event had its own perks of being different from other international affiliate summits. As most people come to the conference from the Indian subcontinent itself so people here have similar issues as they belong to the same demography. This helps us understand each other’s issues such as taxes, GST, etc., and come up with different solutions.
  • In the Indian Summit, people tend to get the right amount of support and connections when it comes to Facebook, Google, and other platforms in India.
  • In IAS, there are special sessions known as masterclass which itself is very distinctive from other international summits. Here, professionals dig deep and share the exact tools and tactics that need to break into e-commerce, Media Buying on various platforms, as well as the latest strategies to build high-growth, fully sustainable businesses, and brands.

Apart from comparing the international events, this particular event was very different from the last IAS. Because it took place post-COVID, there were a lot of new people after the gap of two years as compared to the previous summit discussing new ideas. As there was no networking happening, people needed to network to discuss new ideas from the past two years. So there were new faces who joined this industry in the last couple of years and were working from home.

Highlights from IAS 2022

  1. We engaged well and brainstormed expertise in data interpretation with a great technical perspective with special clients from Israel.
  2. We even attended a few sessions where we learned new content generation techniques through which we can create AI-based content and high-quality videos quickly. Once this is completed, we will test and run this content on trending platforms such as Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram reels that unleashed a new opportunity for traffic.
  3. There were a lot of good startups, and new opportunities to work with and invest in for the company.

During this affiliate conference, our team learned more exciting things from this event and networked with many inspiring individuals from the digital industry.

Here’s what our CEOs and the team grabbed from IAS 2022

Learning Opportunites

This affiliate marketing conference introduced us to influential speakers leading huge companies in India. During the speaker sessions, we learned ways to optimize various challenges such as funnel optimization for better ROI. This inspired us to align our goals with the company’s and boost the business with the best-proven marketing strategies.

Lead Generation

Indian Affiliate Summit 2022 event was graced by certain experts who presented sessions on how to deliver leads using AI-driven chatbot technology with the customers. This will help media buyers scale and run campaigns to another level. There were a lot of people who were running financial lead gen in the United States which is one of the prime lines of business at Idea Clan. We experienced very good networking opportunities also there were a few exhibitors in the personal loan and the interesting debt space where we could also get to test new brands in this space.

Advanced Affiliate Funnels

During the mastermind sessions, our team enhanced the overall skills to obtain traffic in good numbers and convert them better. We learned the usage of advanced heat map analysis, and analytics, how to split test different landing pages, and monetize traffic better. Fascinating, right? These advanced learnings further helped us create better retargeting and interest-targeting strategies for better monetization.

Networking Opportunities

Furthermore, this event gave us ample opportunities to connect with the leaders and representatives of the top affiliate marketing and ad companies in India. We connected with many super affiliates, affiliate marketers, and bloggers. This event was majorly focused on all the latest innovations and helped spread awareness about the latest trends in the affiliate industry. It also benefited the media buyers to implement all the latest tricks to boost their ways of monetization. It definitely would lead to a rise in marketers focused on performance marketing, which will lead to immense growth in the marketing industry.

Three Ball Rolling Tips

The three top tips to get the ball rolling with an affiliate marketing program are perseverance, consistency, and patience.

Latest Trends

This event discussed all the latest innovations and spread awareness about the latest trends in the affiliate industry. It also benefited us to implement all the latest tricks to boost our ways of monetization. Thus, there will be a rise in marketers focused on performance marketing which will lead to growth in the industry.

Ready for the next IAS?

The Indian Affiliate Summit is one of the must-attend conferences on the affiliate calendar. Certainly, with a superb set of resources the team took well advantage of this event.


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