We all want to work in a comfy and inviting atmosphere that sets the right mood and boosts productivity. Did you know that a well-decorated workspace makes a major impact on the success of your business?

You need a well-planned decor to balance the comfort of your home with a professional business face; aka beautiful setting full of color leads to a peaceful, healthy, and happy work atmosphere your team members thrive for.

Your working area is almost like a second home because you spend a major chunk of your day there. So, we thought why not create a cozy space where you can feel peaceful even during your office hours?

Idea Clan believes that the space you work in embodies the company’s value and makes everyone at the office feel happy. There is a very popular saying- “First impression is the last impression” and we take that very seriously. This is one of the reasons why we decided to make our office something people won’t stop talking about for years to come.

Adding colors to your working environment will help you be a lot more creative, productive, as well as positive throughout the day. Here’s how we have customized our workspace and injected some great personalities into the bare walls.

Sprinkle some greenery here and there

Incorporating some plants is one of the most beautiful ways to warm up your desk. You can go for some succulent, artificial plants, fresh flowers, or anything that gives you a calming vibe and peaceful energy.

Play a Little with Wall Art






We’ve personally customized some really good artwork to hang on our walls. Some are inspirational quotes while some will remind you of life outside of work. You can pick some of your favorite memories and add them to the walls of your cubical.

Make a difference with unique furniture






The swagged-out couches, bean bags, and stylish storage are ruling over common tables and chairs. This cool chaise lounge is the kind of furniture that speaks for itself and makes you comfortable even while crunching numbers.

Make the most of natural lighting






Natural lighting is one of the most important elements of a well-decorated work area. If you take a close look at our space, it is mostly equipped with the most comfortable furniture, color-popping, and chic tables, yet none of that shines unless you let the natural beam enter your cabin.

Motivate Everybody with Picture frames

When you add some interesting pictures to the wall, it instantly motivates you. These beautiful pictures will make you jump out of the box and be creative. At the same time, these inspirational quotes play a vital role to keep you going when you feel like giving up or having a bad day.

Change the Setting with Dramatic lamps

Wall and pendant lights are the best way that we have experimented on the walls in our office space. When this piece of art is mounted on the ceiling, it lights up the whole room and gives it a contemporary look.

On a Final Note

Your surrounding determine your mood for the day. That is why we believe that keeping your working area as creative and aesthetically pleasing as you can, will eventually result in a better quality of work.