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Starting from an idea that emerged into the minds of two young friends, Rohit Ajmani and Sahil Walia while still in college exchanged their thoughts on creating something on their own. From successfully launching their first website, Newton007 to interacting with some of the most leading marketing intellectuals, they have come a long way and now have a better vision of enabling Idea Clan to turn into a Unicorn – a Billion dollar vision.


The journey begins

It all started over a cup of tea in a college canteen when two friends pondered over life. They could have enjoyed the bliss of being students without a care in the world. But right there, on the campus of CCET, Rohit Ajmani and Sahil Walia chalked out the plan of turning into entrepreneurs even before grabbing a hold of their degrees.

7000 from 007

The urge to create something on their own was stirring in the engineering students and it all came to life with the dawn of 2010 when they launched Newton007. The dynamic duo channelized the brain of a scientist and the pluck of an MI6 agent into a website for students. As the website picked up pace, they found themselves collecting their first earnings from Google Ads. Looking back at the check of Rs 7000 earned from 007, it was meant to be!



I am possible

Basking in the success of their website, the friends took a leap of moving to Talwara, a small town of Punjab, in 2011 to do something big. The plan of building 200 websites was a long shot but when two brains work together, impossible becomes “I Am Possible”. Somewhere between kick starting a rickety scooter every morning to downing red bulls every night, they jump started their joint venture. While the initial plan of building the websites worked out, the project bombed at the revenue stage. But not all was lost, the creative juices kept flowing.

Laying the foundation

The new year brought with it a fresh opportunity for the partners and it came in the form of a 6 months internship during their Bachelor program. Walking on the beaten path of interning with an established firm didn’t cut it for them and they rented their own space to lay the foundation of a company that goes as Idea Clan in today’s world. It was a risk, both for their degree and finances but nothing could scare them from giving their dream another try. Even before taking off, the venture misfired and the zestful students incurred heavy losses. But all they needed was a pep talk from industry gurus and they were back in business with more vigor. The result was that they drove to their final exams in cars they bought from their own money!



Something’s missing

While Digital Apps brought revenue, they didn’t bring with them stability. And before they knew it, 2013 witnessed the two friends plunge into the field of IT and programming for global clientele on platforms like Freelancer, oDesk and Elance. The vision to work with international clients was coming to life but something was missing. It was the autonomy to direct the ship!

Taking the plunge

Getting back the reins into their own hands, the pair took the risk of jumping into the world of Affiliate Marketing in 2014. Playing their cards right with Google and FB ads, the doors to paid advertising opened for them. With the revenue pouring in, it was the perfect opportunity to extend business and what better way than starting a new company? Thus, W Crafts was born and with it, the engineers advanced into intext and pay per view advertising and affiliate fraud system with Paytm. Things were beginning to look up but soon the partners were about to find their way in the vast sky.



New doors

January brought with it the first real taste of success when they flew to the US for their first international conference. Held in Las Vegas in 2015, the Affiliate Summit West was a goldmine for ideas. While representing Idea Clan for viral marketing and W Crafts for PPV advertising, new doors were opened for the budding marketers. The conference gave them much more than their first visit to the country. It was a platform to make and strengthen connections and the CCET graduates made the best of it. The duo came back prepared with insights into the field that accelerated their growth multifold. This was just the first of the hundreds of conferences they would attend over the years.

Viral Sparks

It needed much more than a steady income to stop the pair from experimenting. With 2016 whizzing past the calendar, the two had already ticked off Cryptocurrency Trading and Pop Ads from their bucket list. Equipped with a larger office and an enthusiastic team, they were ready to launch the Viral Sparks platform that connected social influencers and media buyers with advertisers.



The tables had turned

Attending conferences around the globe was turning into a passion for the duo and they stepped it up a notch when they began speaking at such events. The tables had finally turned! At this point the partners were working with a lot of international companies which brought in revenue but also came with currency conversion costs. With most of the clientele from America, it seemed like the next obvious step to get Idea Clan incorporated into the US to not only cut costs but also get more exposure worldwide. 2017 presented that chance to the duo and they grabbed it. This was an important milestone in the journey but the best was yet to come.

Think big, dream big

The urge to think big, dream big and then do big never subsided, it only grew with time. The partners found a way to channel this need and attended their first Master Mind in 2018. By interacting with the leading marketing intellectuals and gaining insight into their methods, Master Mind became an enriching experience for them. With the business seeing new heights, it was an excellent time to introduce blood in this brewing cocktail of success and hard work. Sahil and Rohit introduced their brothers, Saurabh and Piyush to the world of internet marketing and helped them jumpstart their venture, AW Media which provides services to Idea Clan through Lead Generation and Content Marketing.



New milestones

2019 was a particularly important year in the journey of Idea Clan because the team moved to a bigger office. The efforts were paying off and the spirited pair got their own Volvo cars! The journey from here only accelerates and soon the company whooshes away to new milestones of success.

Billion Dollar Vision

The journey does not end with 2020 when the pandemic hit, in fact, it has brought more laurels. The zealous duo foresees Idea Clan turning into a Unicorn- Billion Dollar Vision. Since their goals have driven them so far, we’ll see this one being achieved in the near future!

It was a bumpy ride but so worth it!



Innovation Redefined

In 2021, we at Idea Clan shone brightly in the innovation galaxy. We fortified our digital presence by constructing Lead Generation and Content Marketing O&O properties. But the star of the show was Lookfinity, our very own automation tool, pushing the boundaries of MarTech.

Our journey was a symphony of innovation, and our achievements, like constellations, lit up the year. 2021 marked a transformative chapter, where our vision and dedication propelled us to new heights. And the best part? The future promises even greater brilliance!

A decade of brilliance

In 2022, Idea Clan rocketed to new horizons, marking a dazzling decade of existence and surpassing a team of 150 members. A jubilant anniversary bash lit up the scene, as Idea Clan turned double digits with style. But the excitement didn’t stop there! The team embarked on an office escapade to Mussoorie, weaving team spirit into every trail they conquered.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Idea Clan jetted off to Dubai for an Affiliate summit, where top achievers reveled in the desert’s embrace. With a decade behind them and a future as bright as fireworks, Idea Clan’s 2022 was a kaleidoscope of achievements and adventures.



Ascend. Expand. Elevate.

In the unfolding chapters of 2023, Idea Clan saw its ranks swell with 200+ brilliant minds, each becoming a crucial brushstroke in the canvas of the team’s innovation. Venturing beyond the norm, we embarked on an invigorating company retreat to Jaipur, uncovering a trove of inspiration amidst the city’s rich cultural milieu. As our ambitions soared, so did our spatial requirements. Behold our new office—a hub for collaboration and growth, a stage where our collective creativity takes center stage. Here’s to 2023—a story of expansion and unity, with the promise of many more extraordinary tales ahead!


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