While there are many ways for expressing our gratitude for all that we are able to achieve and accomplish, we at Idea Clan believe in giving back to society and doing our bit for the community. So, on the International Day for Older Persons observed on October 1, 2020, Idea Clan took an initiative to ensure the safety and well-being of the elderly in light of the inimical pandemic situation when people found themselves in dire straits.

We moved forward on this path of service and generosity with an objective to raise awareness about the risks of coronavirus for the elderly and to ensure the availability and easy accessibility of essentials for them. Considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the aging population that puts them at a higher risk, the International Day for Older Persons carried substantial significance in 2020. One of the many crucial aims stated by the United Nations included raising awareness of the special health needs of older persons and their contributions to their own health. They focused on the functioning of the societies in which the aging population lives taking into account the adversity surrounding the world.

A Heartfelt Experience At The Old Age Home

The Idea Clan team visited the Red Cross Old Age Home located in Sector-15, Panchkula. We donated a sanitizing machine and medications for blood pressure and heart conditions to this care home to assist the staff as they look after those hearty residents. It was an experience that brought us contentment as we made an effort to add calmness when the pandemic had sent a wave of upheaval and uncertainty around the globe.

Those enchanting smiles on the faces of the older persons living there are fixed in our minds as we chatted and wished them on the day that belonged to them. We followed all the safety measures and precautions while interacting with the members and residents. Their safety and well-being were the prime concern when we planned to visit them in the old age home

The Red Cross Old Age Home – A Warm Abode

The Red Cross Old Age Home has been a comforting home to the elderly since 2004 and over 30 people reside here with four dormitories equipped with all the facilities built keeping in mind the requirements of the inmates. The philanthropic authorities spare no effort to foster intergenerational solidarity and tend to the needs of the elderly. This particular old age home performs its responsibilities thoughtfully by organizing various activities for the residents including yoga classes, games, and physiotherapy sessions regularly to incorporate physical fitness in their lives.

Kind Words By The Members

Expressing her views about this initiative, Savita Agarwal, the secretary said, “We are delighted to have Idea Clan here when old people need the utmost care and attention. They have done a responsible thing by donating medicines to our home and considering our needs.” The supervisor of Red Cross Old Age Home, Gambhir Singh, added, “The old age home depends a lot on the donations that people make and we are glad that Idea Clan came forward to contribute. We hope they continue to be connected with us and work for the elderly in the future as well.”

Spreading Smiles Through Solicitous Initiatives

When the world faced an attack of the pandemic, staying safe, following the precautionary measures, and extending our help to keep the others safe around us who may confront higher risks during the unprecedented times became imperative. That’s when we vowed to lend a helping hand in whatever way we could and be of service during the challenging phase.

The Idea Clan team stands firm on their decision to spread kindness through such gestures of goodwill. All we wish is that the smiles we captured in our minds on the International Day for Older Persons grow wider and the joy reflected through their faces is always boundless.

Team IdeaClan

Team IdeaClan

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