With the economy witnessing highs and lows, keeping pace with its motion has given us a new challenge to deal with presently. At this point, the generation of leads and stimulating their interest in your product/service has landed on the top of the priority list to bring in assured cashflow. However, upon execution, lead generation gives rise to the major obstacle in the growth of an agency as concluded from the latest survey involving digital marketing freelancers and agency owners.

New Techniques For Lead Generation

Making a few calls, searching for new contacts, reaching them through telephonic conversations to drive them to your business is a thing of the past.

If you are still holding onto the idea that building links with the ones on the top is the only way to generate leads and elevate the business, you need to loosen the grip there. Of course, engaging with potential buyers is a gateway to million-dollar contracts but for the contracts ranging between $5K/month – $35K/month, categorized as mid-sized, there’s a new trick in the book for lead generation. This has changed the path to generating new business for the agencies.

What Are Automated Lead Generation Funnels?

A funnel is basically a series of landing pages, or messages including ads, emails, etc. that converts a cold lead (someone who had a connection with you in the past or has heard about you) into a customer. For starters, the funnel carries the traffic sent by you and the clients emerge out. Seems like plain-sailing!

Now, an automated lead generation funnel refers to the use of paid ads which can either be LinkedIn or Facebook ads that direct the traffic towards your funnels. When this chain is linked together, the implementation of the process would require almost no intervention. It will only ask for involvement during the sales calls and when the ads need attention.

This speeds up the process and makes way for rapid scale and strikes off one thing from the list of tasks of the agency owners who are already struggling with time.

A model agency funnel has an assigned flow that sends leads into a calendar sequence. This implies you would be attempting at booking the leads directly into your calendar and further, a qualification system that’s also an in-built feature of the funnel.

Note: The agencies that have established their brand quite well or have impactful case studies can directly reach the lead generation landing page by skipping the stage demanding the lead magnet.

As a contribution to the funnel, the agency will create an email marketing sequence to engage potential customers through lead nurturing. (If they wish to gather a personal audience and plan to sell the course in the future, they may even set up a Facebook group).

Usually, the list of emails contains six emails to be sent a day apart (you may indulge in a Fibonacci sequence to execute this). Present the case studies, follow direct response, and storytelling marketing to attract leads.

Advantages Of Automated Lead Generation Funnels

The advantages of lead generation funnels for digital marketing are as follows:

1. Time-saving: Time is always a constraint for the agency owners who have to deal with diverse work at once to grow their business. So, these lead generation funnels step in as a big help and take a lot off their hands.

2. Allowing For Rapid Scale: They act as a faucet that’s under your control. The beneficial part here is that the automated funnels involve paid traffic and so, you can turn the knob according to your requirement of the flow. When leads are not enough and you want more, scale your ads. In case the pace needs to be decreased, just opt for the pausing feature in the campaigns.

3. Identifying The Leads: Filtering the leads and identifying the ones that carry heavy potential is another perk of the automated lead generation funnel. The “contact us” page is not enough to determine the potential of the lead that comes in. So, the automated lead generation funnel runs the pre-qualify tests and figures out whether the lead is promising for the business. The winner leads are escorted to the calendar page while the others end up at the “dud” confirmation page.

4. A Trust Ladder: For better sales, it’s crucial to warm up the leads and take them towards the ladder of trust. The automated lead generation funnel makes this convenient for you with the lead magnet and email sequence lending their expert help and letting you enlighten them with your accomplished work and references. And, all of this happens before the final call.

Impact Of The Pandemic On Lead Generation At Idea Clan

The pandemic caused a setback for the lead generation as many factors contributing to the process took a turn and everything came to a halt. This led to certain inevitable challenges that hindered the smooth flow of the business.

• The Challenge

Before the coronavirus pandemic shut everything down, auto and home insurance policies were high in demand and people grabbed the best deals that we offered on these policies. However, when the lockdown was imposed, almost everything came to a standstill and this included the personal modes of transportation. So, people had second thoughts while investing to have their vehicles insured. This meant that the graph of auto insurance touched some extremely low points.

• Our Approach To The Challenging Situation

After witnessing this downfall, we built a strategy and researched the present concerns of the population. We observed that people are focusing on health and life insurance policies considering the entire situation involving health risks.

Our next step was to contact our networks in the U.S. The concerned agencies asked us to share the data of those leads who show interest in the policies and opt for our offers. We compiled the information and sent it over for the conversion of the leads.

Eventually, they connected with these prospective buyers, made them aware of the available policies, offered the deals and discounts, won their approval, and finally, turned warm leads into qualified ones.

• Serving The Customers

While following this path to deal with the setback, we ensured that the consumers receive all the benefits. We served them with the discounted offers on the policies that helped them save big. This happened from the comfort of their homes. With a few clicks, they were able to choose the right policy option for them in no time. We pursued customer satisfaction as we moved ahead with our strategy.


Lead generation demands smart work with the comfort of the customers in mind. The agencies benefit when consumers sense contentment. Roadblocks showed up on the way with the pandemic hitting the world but they only called in for new strategies to keep the business up and running and serving the customers despite the challenges.

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