Idea Clan, one of the big names in the world of Affiliate Marketing, went on to attend two of the most reputable events in the industry- Affiliate World Global Conference in Dubai and LeadsCon 2022 in Las Vegas, during the month of March. Both these events play the important role of providing a stage for marketers from across the world for knowledge sharing and networking. The events were attended by some of the top names in the industry such as Consovo, PX, Digital Media Solutions, Leadspedia, etc.

The team was in Dubai from February 28 to March 8th, 2022. The trip was more than attending a conference. The group met with a number of affiliate marketers to network and exchange ideas. In addition, Idea Clan collaborated with AdSparkx, a digital marketing firm, to host “Masterminds” to promote mutual growth and harmony between the two teams. During these Masterminds meetings, both teams learnt a lot of valuable lessons including the need of proper rule enforcement, taking responsibility of the task, and establishing a “problem-solving” attitude rather than a “problem-sharing” one.

There were also many fun elements in the trip such as a thrilling experience of sky diving, a roaring desert safari, an exhilarating visit to Burj Khalifa, and an exuberant Yacht Party. Each of these activities had a bigger purpose. For instance, the idea behind the sky diving exercise was to help team member learn how to overcome their fears.

The Co-founders went to Las Vegas to attend LeadsCon from March 21st to March 23rd, 2022. They utilized the opportunity to interact with some legendary minds of the Performance Marketing Industry and learn from them. They also networked with many like-minded people for discussing ideas and building strong connections.

Idea Clan stands on the belief that one must always look for opportunities to learn from each other to safely navigate to the future in an ever-evolving industry. Knowledge sharing is the key to succeed in a dynamic field like Affiliate Marketing. With events like Affiliate World Global Conference and LeadsCon, marketers are sure to explore new possibilities and touch newer horizons. Team Idea Clan will also be present at several other conferences throughout 2022 such as Affiliate Summit, East New York; Affiliate World, Barcelona; Affiliate World Bangkok; Ad Tech and Affiliate Summit, India; etc.