In the vibrant city of Barcelona, where wonders blend with modern marvels, Affiliate World Europe 2023 unfolded. Thrilled and excited, the Founders of Idea Clan, Rohit Ajmani and Sahil Walia, led their enthusiastic team members who were eager to explore, learn, and network at this extraordinary conference.


Amidst the illuminating event, they embarked on a magical journey of marketing mastery, exploring cutting-edge strategies and visionary insights at the heart of the affiliate marketing landscape.

But their quest for knowledge didn’t stop there; they also seized the opportunity to explore the enchanting city, indulging in its delights and forging stronger bonds with fun-filled team adventures.


Join us on this captivating two-day experience, where our ingenious minds unearthed a treasure trove of knowledge and revolutionary tactics.


Day 1: Unveiling New Horizons


The Mysteries of the Metaverse: Our team delved into the intricate world of Meta Ad policy, unraveling the hidden gems that held the key to marketing prowess. Empowered with this newfound wisdom, they are all set to confidently navigate the Meta platform’s unique landscape with an aim to conjure brilliant results. 

Scaling Triumphs and Captivating ROI: Witnessing the power of advantage campaigns, they were enlightened with the potent manual bidding strategies and testing expertise that can lead to an impressive 3X return on ad spend (ROAS). Equipped with these perfect tactics, our team is poised to bring clients’ dreams to life with unparalleled success.


Google Ads Case Study: AW Barcelona presented excellent case studies from Google, endowing our team with the ability to scale by 5X while significantly reducing wasted ad spend. With these mystical insights, our clan is capable of optimizing clients’ advertising journeys like never before.

Trillion-Dollar Opportunity Amid Recession: Amidst economic challenges, a revelation of a trillion-dollar financial lead generation opportunity illuminated our path. The team glimpsed a step-by-step strategy to tap into outstanding consumer debt and earn millions. They also took note of avoiding the biggest pitfalls and leveraging the most important KPI metrics to track and pave the way for our client’s success.


Exposing Testing Challenges on Meta: The Clan’s relentless pursuit of marketing excellence led them to explore and unravel testing challenges on the Meta platform boldly. Our team also gained insights from the experts about how to effectively measure the performance of different ad creatives, when to use manual vs. automated bidding, and how to overcome common challenges while scaling your campaigns.


Day 2: Unleashing the Power of AI and TikTok Triumphs

Awaken AI-Powered Creativity: As day two dawned, our team embraced the captivating possibilities of AI-powered creativity. They witnessed the rise of an unparalleled creative methodology, weaving AI’s cutting-edge solutions to craft ad creatives that will tell enchanting stories for our clients.


The Path to Marvelous Growth: They got a complete roadmap to scaling from $1 million to $20 million in revenue, empowered by four sacred KPIs and a spellbinding content formula. Our crew now possesses the keys to unlock boundless growth, transforming our clients’ dreams into tangible marketing marvels.

TikTok Ads Tricks for 4X Revenue: They explored the art of testing hooks and creating highly engaging, fast-paced ads to break away from traditional styles. The allure of TikTok ads captivated our team as they are now eager to harness its mesmerizing power in our future affiliate marketing spectacles.


The Grand Finale: Our masters unveiled ChatGPT’s and Generative AI’s captivating wonders, enabling marketers to launch campaigns at the speed of light and secure top rankings for target keywords. With these unparalleled AI tools, the journey of success for all affiliate industry experts will soar to new celestial heights.


Closing Words


AW Barcelona 2023 was a huge step ahead in our team’s journey of becoming marketing wizards armed with cutting-edge insights and AI-powered innovations. Amidst the captivating conference, they even explored Barcelona, bonded as a close-knit team, and ended on an enlightening note. Inspired by this transformative journey, we are now on our way to creating marketing marvels that captivate clients and leave competitors in awe. 

With the enchantment of AW Europe 2023 in our hearts, the future brims with infinite possibilities and success. Let the journey of affiliate marketing excellence thrive as we continue to embrace the magic of teamwork and adventure.