The PI Live Europe conference, hosted in the illustrious city of London on October 24th and 25th, 2023, provided an esteemed platform for marketing experts to augment their performance industry knowledge. 

Our founders, Rohit Ajmani and Sahil Walia, seized this opportunity to enrich their understanding of the ever-evolving industry and plug into its latest trends and innovations. This conference served as a valuable platform for us to stay at the forefront of industry advancements and further propel our growth and success.


Customer Growth And Lead Generation Strategies

One of the notable sessions at the conference was a fireside chat on customer growth and lead generation strategies. Esteemed panelists from renowned retailers shared their most effective marketing tactics to unlock customer growth and loyalty.

Increasing Performance Through New Partner Channels

Another session focused on improving performance through new partner channels. As affiliate and partner marketing continue to evolve, the panel of experts discussed how they manage their programs and provided a glimpse into what the future holds for this diverse and dynamic channel.

Brand-to-Brand Partnerships

Brand-to-brand partnerships also took center stage at the conference, giving attendees, including our founders, a chance to explore the potential and benefits of collaborating with other brands. This topic has gained momentum in the performance marketing industry, allowing marketers to think creatively and expand their horizons.

Addressing Challenges Faced By Affiliate Managers

The conference provided valuable insights into the challenges encountered by affiliate managers in terms of budget allocation and influencing stakeholders. Esteemed speakers from prominent organizations shared their expertise on leveraging content to effectively secure budgets and influence key stakeholders within affiliate management roles.

Furthermore, the conference shed light on the significance of building strong relationships with stakeholders and effectively communicating the value of affiliate programs. The speakers emphasized the need for affiliate managers to establish themselves as trusted partners by showcasing the potential return on investment and highlighting the positive impact of affiliate marketing on overall business growth.

Unlocking Connections: Explore Limitless Networking Opportunities


Our founders not only acquired valuable knowledge during the event, but they also built strong relationships with other industry leaders. These connections have the potential to foster fruitful collaborations and partnerships in the future. In addition to attending informative sessions, they had the privilege of engaging in networking activities such as lunches, happy hours, and sessions dedicated solely to building connections. 

These events provided an ideal platform for Idea Clan to connect with professionals who share similar goals and aspirations, facilitating the exchange of innovative ideas and fostering a sense of community within the industry.

Coming Back With A Bigger And Better Vision

The PI Live Europe conference has undeniably been an exceptional experience for Idea Clan. It bestowed upon our founders the invaluable opportunity to broaden their knowledge, glean profound insights into prevailing industry trends, and forge significant professional connections. The diverse array of sessions, panel discussions, and networking avenues collectively furnished a comprehensive and enriching experience, poised to play an integral role in fostering our company’s growth and success within the perpetually evolving marketing landscape.