If you dig up information about affiliate marketing on the internet, you will find an ocean of information about everything that is affiliate marketing. You will find the myths, rumors, hacks, and advice about how you can make money through affiliate marketing. But not every piece of information you come across is true. Let’s dive in to know what affiliate marketing is and some truths that every affiliate marketer should know. 


What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is when you promote the product or service of another company and earn a commission in exchange for it. To sum up, affiliates perform online marketing on behalf of a merchant, with the goal of driving traffic or conversion for the merchant’s website. Merchant pays the affiliate commission for every click and conversion. 


Some Truths Every Affiliate Marketer Should Know

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is, it is time we discuss some truths that every affiliate marketer should know. 


#1 Google Is The Key

It cannot be stressed enough that Google is the key to open your affiliate marketing doors. Google is a platform that can do wonders to your business. As a marketer, you may have thought of driving traffic from another source, but that would cost you not only time but also money. Google might have given you a tough time optimizing your sites but trust us on this, it is worth it!

Google Analytics by itself can provide you abundant insights pertaining to your website. If you desire to make more money online, it is essential to utilize Google’s wealth of helpful resources at every step. 

You can also host your websites on different locations from one single hosting account which will boost your rankings and income. All you need to do is buy a hosting plan. 


#2 List Is Essential For Your Business

Email marketing has been a focus for many affiliates for a long time now and it is the secret of making money in affiliate marketing. If you ask any successful affiliate marketer they are going to tell you that the real money resides on the list. 

However, it is not entirely true! You cannot have thousands of people on your email list and expect a lot of money. Rather, you will have to focus on building relationships and friendship with them. This is the reason why hard-selling your subscribers is not a right marketing approach. 

The money comes in the frame when they start to trust your word. This is the point where you can earn money by recommending better products and services. 

It is obviously not that easy as most people find it stressful to build a list and follow up later. But here is some advice for such people: if you enjoy the process you can easily get more sales and conversions based on your effort. 


#3 Marketing Is More Powerful Than Content

Below average content or product can make money for you if you know how to promote it to those who are desperate for it. But this not at all means that we are asking you to create such kinds of products. 

If you want to make money as an affiliate, then you should focus on marketing. Just like Derek Halpern says, “Publish less but helpful posts and your business will grow massively.”


#4 Targeted Traffic Is Better Than Generic Traffic

Another hard truth about affiliate marketing is that if you have a money site, then you should not use every channel to generate traffic to it. This is not going to do you any good. You just need to find the right websites and networks and run your campaign. 

The truth is that a website that receives 100 visitors a day will generate more sales and leads if those visitors are ready to buy. They must have a problem that they are seeking a solution for!

On the other hand, if your website is about life insurance and you drive 9999 visitors who need automobiles, it is not going to be successful. 

Hence, when you promote any affiliate product or service, you should focus on people who intend to buy that particular product. Therefore, a targeted audience is always better than a generic audience. 


#5 Begin Your Journey WIth Market Research 

You cannot create anything without researching your market. In order to build a niche you should be aware of people’s wants. It is about what your audience is trying to say when no one is watching them. 

If they had money with them at the moment, there is a need that must be met no matter how much it costs them. Research about your market thoroughly before running a facebook ad, or doing SEO. It is the first step of affiliate marketing.


#6 You Can’t Be Master Of All Trades, “Outsource”

If your business is picking up quickly, outsourcing is essential to take it to the next level. Chances are that you outsourced your services, if not you would not have made it to where you are at the moment. 

If you haven’t outsourced yet, it cannot be stressed enough that you must get other people involved in your business. You can get a lot of resources online to guide you in outsourcing. 


#7 Writing Articles Will Help In Boosting Your Confidence

Earlier, it was discussed that marketing is more important than writing articles, which no doubt is the truth. But it was not mentioned earlier that writing articles is important for you to build your confidence. 

No matter how difficult your journey is, you should not quit writing. Writing will come handy to you in the coming future to build the needed confidence for product creation, niche marketing and negotiation. 


#8 Recurring Affiliate Offers Are A Better Source Of Income

A lot of people promote a recurring offer but they do not think of it in the way that it takes the same effort to sell a one-time ebook as it takes to get someone to join a resourceful membership site. 

You can be successful in affiliate marketing if you work with your wit and smartness. Here is some advice: Rather than working hard to sell an ebook that pays you $50 only once, promote an offer that pays you $40 every single month. This will increase your income manifold and you will have to work less. 



Here is another big truth about affiliate marketing, you may be penalized for things you might be doing right. But if you are a marketer you should be prepared that affiliate marketing comes with a risk and it is riskier to enter into it without adequate knowledge. But no matter the challenges that you face, you must not give up, and the people who don’t quit get the best results.