Quality Assurance / Compliance officer

Quality Assurance / Compliance officer



Job Description

Join us as a Quality Analyst and ensure top-notch ad quality for media buyers of our team. Develop test plans, address defects, and maintain compliance. Be a proactive problem-solver and catalyst in media buying. Grab this opportunity to strengthen client relationships.



  • Keenness to learn and work diligently
  • Active, smart, and agile, with a focus on maintaining smooth media buying processes.
  • Open to freshers who can efficiently manage documentation and support media buyers.


Roles And Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute comprehensive test plans to ensure the achievement of ad objectives.
  • Identify and address defects in the media buying process to optimize performance.
  • Implement preventative and corrective actions to maintain high-quality ad standards.
  • Draft and maintain quality assurance policies and procedures.
  • Ensure continuous compliance with quality and industry regulatory requirements.
  • Conduct quality checks on media buyers’ accounts, ensuring a smooth and efficient media buying process.
  • Act as a catalyst in the media buying process, facilitating seamless flow and coordination.
  • Maintain and align industry offers to consistently uphold quality standards, fostering strong client relationships.
  • Regularly update compliance documentation to ensure accurate client interactions.

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