While we heard and read the tales unveiling the unpredictability of life and nature, the arrival of one virus evinced the capricious world we live in. Soon, places around the world were engulfed by the malignant COVID-19 pandemic and its deleterious impact pervaded all across the globe. The overpowering pandemic altered and turned the way we once lived our lives in the outside world. Where once lied the spirit to accomplish the goals, the fear crept in and faded the verve. The cheer and zest took a backseat as the clouds of uncertainty and trepidation overshadowed and cast a gloom over us. The pandemic rose a sense of foreboding in our minds and our thoughts were all blurred with nothing definite and reliable in sight. It affected the world in the worst of ways that the human race had ever imagined.

From being locked inside our homes to working in isolation with mere virtual strings connecting the teams, the obstacles were inevitable. The bonds were on the verge of shattering but our team could not let go of those dreams they once envisioned together. Although the challenges during these unprecedented times were flooding in from all sides, our team stepped up their game, joined forces on virtual levels, and confronted all the challenges. We survived despite the impediments and that achievement fills us with a sense of gratitude for all the members of our Clan.

The pandemic was enveloping humankind with its agonizing aspects proliferating every day. We, at Idea Clan, came to grips with the grave situation together and moved forward with a plan that shifted us on a thriving path. We dwelled on the inimical consequences of the ongoing surge and extended our support to the entire team. All our unflagging employees were working day in, day out and taking us ahead on this journey towards our goals despite the harrowing surroundings that we witnessed through the rising numbers while seeking safety inside our homes.

We are immensely grateful for all the days and nights that the entire Clan spent to attain the ambitions even when the times were calamitous. As Idea Clan says “Thank You” to the tenacious team, we present the token of appreciation and gratitude in the form of Health Insurance by Bajaj Allianz being added to the packages of all the members from the company’s end. This insurance would even include maternity coverage to handle pertinent expenses. All the employees who have been on board with Idea Clan for over a year have already been listed under this Health Insurance benefit and the ones who would complete 1 year with us in the future would be eligible for the benefits during the renewal phase of the insurance.

We accord the highest priority to our staunch team members who stay determined regardless of the exacting situations that emerge out of the blue and drain us of all the energy, exuberance, and passion that once brimmed in us. Idea Clan has always stood strong as a support system for all the members of the team and now when they need it the most, we reassure them that we are always extending a helping hand whenever they anticipate the wholehearted help monetarily or in any other form.

We are tied together through powerful strings and have vowed to grow as a team. Let’s keep shaping the ideas, illuminating our imagination, and chasing the goals with abounding team spirit.