As we are stepping into 2022, we are looking at a new beginning full of new hopes. But it is also a time to reflect on the year gone by. The previous year has left us with a bountiful of memories to cherish for a lifetime. It dropped many gems in our lap and left us feeling blessed. Idea Clan’s journey took a new turn in 2021 and we hope to see a positive result in the coming year.

There were some bumps along the road but Idea Clan emerged as a much stronger version of itself. This year has taught us that no matter how much turmoil we are in, there is a way to turn the tables and up the numbers. While the world was dealing with the second wave of COVID, Idea Clan refused to slow down and found a way to keep working with the same vigor, even with the hurdles of remote working.

Idea Clan is pleased to announce that our revenue for 2021 was our highest till date. It was made possible by the team’s collective resilience and dedication to keep working in the right direction. Not just them, but also the newest members of Idea Clan came to the forefront to contribute to the company’s growth in a tricky time like this. We are proud to say that Idea Clan’s team has reached 100+ members this year and looking forward to more expansion in the coming months.

With the expansion of our team, we have expanded our office space and took up another floor. It is the same space where Idea Clan first spread its wings but with a totally different outlook. Idea Clan’s journey has come full circle with this move. We recognized the significance of this place so we revamped it to reflect the company’s core values. Each room in the new space is dedicated to one value that acts as a pillar that supports Idea Clan.



Being a Martech company, Idea Clan understands the importance of technology and its role in the company’s overall growth. The Innovation Room houses our extremely creative web developers while they come up with new solutions to existing problems. Taking risks and chasing data driven results, are the two things that charge up this team. We often hear “Keep analyzing, keep innovating” echoing in the Innovation Room.



We at Idea Clan emphasize greatly on the importance of sincerity and honesty in our work. We believe in honoring our word because our word is bigger than us. Our team knows the value of staying disciplined and aligned to their goals. The Integrity Room reminds us to always do the right thing and own up any mistakes that we may make along the way.



We at Idea Clan believe you get what you want by helping others get what they want. Collaboration and teamwork are crucial ingredients in the recipe of success. The only way to see your personal growth is by staying committed and focused towards the team goals. The Synergy Room is where we hold team meetings to analyze our goals and work towards them as one strong team. The motto of this room is “Work towards the greater good”.



Idea Clan functions on honest and clear communication. It is important that every member realizes that taking things personally is never the goal in an open communication setup. Staying humble in a group discussion ensures a smooth and more fruitful communication. The Listening Room is dedicated to the Content Marketing team where they listen to new ideas and help each other formulate the best plan of action to generate more revenue.


Win Win

One key ideology that Idea Clan has embraced is that without equal rewards for both the parties, long term partnerships can’t be formed. It’s neither you, nor me. It’s the both of us. This holds true for Idea Clan’s partnerships with clients as well as the relationships within the company. The team knows that their every action has to be in the best interest of the team, our company and our partners. The Win-Win Room reminds us to think about triumph for everyone.



The Knowledge Room is based on the idea, “Knowing your craft is the first step to mastering it”. One needs to keep learning more about their field of work in order to excel at it. Idea Clan celebrates the process of learning and gives ample opportunities to its employees to learn along the way. The qualities of resourcefulness and problem solving come in handy while gaining knowledge. Idea Clan uses this constant learning to evolve and adapt.


Play to win

Persistence in getting work done is one of the key factors in ensuring success. Idea Clan encourages its employees to take initiatives and work to close whatever they have started. The Play To Win Room reminds us to work for our goals no matter what. The energy of this room is best described as, “We are in it to win it”. Our team believes in showing flexibility and relooking at problems from a beginner’s point of view when stuck.