Idea Clan, one of the top MarTech companies in India, recently visited New York to attend the Affiliate Summit East. Organized on May 24th and 25th, 2022, the Affiliate Summit East brought together 3,000 affiliate marketers, media buyers, e-commerce entrepreneurs and tech suppliers on one platform. It served the important role of providing a stage for discussing ideas, sharing knowledge and exploring new horizons in the affiliate world.

Affiliate marketing is the key to position your brand in the world today. It is one of the most powerful marketing strategies to have ever existed. The Affiliate Summit East 2022 presented a magnificent opportunity to businesses to widen their networks and strengthen ties with leading professionals in the affiliate industry. Having a strong network is crucial to the success of any marketer.

Idea Clan was a debutant in the Affiliate Summit East this year and utilized this opportunity to expand their network and gain knowledge. Surrounded by ambitious and innovative business leaders, Idea Clan’s co-founders, Mr. Rohit Ajmani and Mr. Sahil Walia attended cutting-edge talks and built some valuable connections which will help in accelerating the growth of the company.

The summit had more than 60 sessions, each directed towards a different agenda. It brought forth issues surrounding the affiliate industry such as online regulations, rising competition, etc. It shared insights on how to curb these challenges. Various experts got together to discuss solutions like how to find nail killer niches and leverage trending verticals. It further explored ways to hack your Facebook ads without the fear of overspending or getting banned, crack real-time tracking and reporting,find quality traffic, optimize your landing pages, lower your CPA and much more.


Throwing light on the event, the company’s CEO, Mr. Rohit Ajmani said, “one thing that I love about the affiliate industry is that you can never know too much. The market is ever-evolving and you can never know what may work. You need to experiment and learn from each other’s experiences. This is why events like Affiliate Summit East are important. They provide us with the much needed platform to exchange knowledge and discuss ideas. Over the two days summit, we have learned so much, it is simply incredible.”
Adding to this, Mr. Sahil Walia, the Director of Idea Clan shared, “I am always looking forward to events like Affiliate Summit East. There is so much to learn in the affiliate industry and so much to discover. Earlier this year, we also attended Affiliate World Global Conference in Dubai and LeadsCon 2022 in Las Vegas. But no matter how many summits you attend, how much knowledge you gain, there is still so much out there. Being here in New York has been such a wholesome experience. I am looking forward to more such events in the future.”

Idea Clan recognizes that a lone wolf cannot survive in the world today. It is well aware of the fact that having a strong network of professionals is vital to their growth. Therefore, the company takes every opportunity to network by means of attending conferences, summits and events all across the world. The company also organizes mastermind sessions in collaboration with other marketing firms so as to foster mutually beneficial relationships and develop a common knowledge pool.
Established over 10 years ago, Idea Clan is today a well-known name in the MarTech world. With the aim to be a unicorn the company is looking to widen its base and go global. Idea Clan already has its presence in some of the top developed countries such as US, Canada, UK, etc. and is now looking to step into newer markets. With a clear vision and two futuristic leaders at the helm, it is beyond doubt that the company will grow stronger in the coming future and will fulfil all its aspirations.