Cost per acquisition, abbreviated as CPA is defined as the amount of advertising money that is spent to convert or acquire leads who click on your site or respond to your call to action (CTA). A simple formula to find out CPA: Cost/Conversions. Let’s assume that you have set your campaign budget at $150 and you are able to covert 10 leads from it, so according to the formula CPA comes out to be $15.

You can increase your Return on investment (ROI) in a short span of time without incurring additional costs on traffic acquisition by reducing your CPA. And when you prioritize the reduction of acquiring new customers, you can control the cost from the onset.

Escalating Your Reach With CPA Goal

#1 The Test Phase

As an affiliate marketer, you must be aware that testing is the secret ingredient of a successful campaign. The CPA Goal Push campaign testing phase permits the system search for the best ad placements, estimate the campaign’s eCPM, scrutinize the Conversion Rate (CR), and efficiently adjust the CPC bid.

This implies that you do not have to wait, gather data and optimize manually, rather the CPA Goal evaluates similar campaigns’ CPC bids and expected traffic volume.

This is the reason why CPA Goal cost might not remain stable during the testing period.

And when the system finds out good converting zones, it will actively place higher bids on them, to purchase their traffic. Simultaneously, it eliminates or lessens the bid value for the less performing ones.

A great way to begin your campaign is to set a higher daily limit in the initial phase, and then lower it, as and when required. Doing this will assist you in generating important data during the testing process.


#2 Basic Points For Beginners

  1. While Push CPA Goal campaigns are being set up, there’s an efficient way to track the traffic with URL macros that are available to analyze the effectiveness of those campaigns.
  2. Spare some time to go through an easy yet efficacious process of customizing your ads. It just takes four simple steps to give your campaign a creative outlook by customizing the title, description, button, and creatives.

This permits you to A/B test, at the same time you have ample space to add the other four creatives in the following step.


#3 Adjusting The Campaign Target Price

The easiest way to do this is to follow the platform’s indication, to adjust the CPA Goal to 70-90% of your payout. But if you wish to maximize the amount of paid events, you can go with 100%.

In this situation, the CPA network comes handy to you as it gives you a rate bump- so that you can start making notable profits.

But you need to keep in mind that no matter what your price, an exceedingly low CPA Goal value can result in low volume, poor results, and missing on a profitable offer.


#4 How Much Time Do You Need To Wait For The Optimization?

It is recommended to wait between 2 to 3 days are more than required for the optimization process. However, the number of impressions that are found during the testing period and the conversion price is a major benchmark in this case.

Let’s take an example if you run an SOI sweepstake, for which you set a $5 payout. The optimization will be complete at approximately $35-$50 spent.

A simple formula to find this out is:

7 (conversions) X $5 (CPA Goal value) = $35 (Cost)

10X$5= $50.

The conversion price in the example indicates that the campaign needed to spend the value of about 7-10 conversions, to complete the optimization period. However, you should keep in mind that this value may vary depending on your campaign’s settings.


#5 Campaign Scaling

Another challenge that you need to overcome for the success of your campaign is scaling. The most important thing that you need to do is to begin with the general campaign, on all sources (zones). Later you can add extra campaigns on best performing sources and targeting, with increased bids to maximize your traffic income.

The best methods to scale your campaign using CPA Goal on Push are:

  1. The better your campaign converts, the more traffic it will bring you. In order to keep your CR high, the cheapest trick is to experiment with creatives.
  2. The higher your CPA Goal is the more traffic you will gain. The bid affects the eCPM, which directly impacts the volume you get on a selected targeting.

The moment you find well-performing offers and creatives, you can even try setting your goal higher than the previous time. This helps you in getting better traffic and find better performing zones with higher traffic prices.


The Final World

The best way to escalate your leads is to never stop trying to maximize the traffic your receive!

To get the best outcome, ensure that you do not set any user activity targeting on your In-Page Push, and keep this campaign separate from the classic Push.

However, you can optimize your campaign is by using different User Activity level targeting to define your campaign’s CTR, volumes, and costs.

Many marketers face the dilemma of choosing between quality in volumes or quality in actions. Even though it might be alluring, but you should not target more than 1 GEO in one campaign if you are looking for quality. Besides you should always keep your mobile and desktop campaigns separate.

These easy and simple steps just make your life as a marketer easy and your campaign more efficient and will eventually help you to perform better.