Lead generation can be tricky when implemented via Google Display Network (GDN) as we scrutinize the various factors that contribute to conversions through this advertising technique. Putting visual banner ads on the advertising-supported sites is a process involving crucial steps that take the ad campaign from the ground to the most profitable level.

Major Parameters Influencing GDN Campaign

While running the ads for solar, we built a strategy and pre-planned multiple aspects on which the outcome of the ad campaigns depend and continued with the process.

1. Winner Placement Of The Ad

Achieving the right and perfect spot for placing our ads is an accomplishment that advertisers struggle for continuously. Every ad has a specific audience that needs to be targeted to have a higher conversion rate and selecting particular websites for the display ad carries substantial significance.

The first task under the process of Google Display Network is to target relevant sites and ensure that the audience arriving there is pertinent to the service you are offering through the visual banner on that page. This may take a while to adapt to but once the winner placement is in our grip, the further procedure for turning it into a profitable campaign becomes much less challenging.
We researched the top websites in the U.S. that attract quite a lot of traffic and then, categorized them according to our solar power campaign. The ones who own a house and are seniors tend to buy a solar installation and hence, we shifted our focus on this part of the audience for our service.

2. Right Intent

While promoting a product or a service via GDN, it is inarguably important to convey the message to the target audience subtly but effectively. Making the ads fitting and apropos will make the potential customers click on it and with everything in accordance with their needs, they will buy the service.

We made sure that the display ads have quality content that instantly speaks to the prospective buyers who were willing to go solar. This way we had a higher payout as compared to others promoting the same service.

3. Laser Targeting

While running the campaign for solar power, we realized that there were a few particular states in the U.S. that performed great, and with them in our field of focus, we generated a desirable revenue of $475k over a span of one and a half month.

After targeting these states, we moved forward with another advanced technique to have a more defined target audience. This involved taking our campaigns to the zip code level and to accomplish this, we were in constant contact with our partners who had a way to induce much better payouts. Moreover, Google offers a beneficial feature where the advertisers can target on a zip code level.


While promoting our service through Google Display Network, the CPL reduced to a great extent and according to our stats, these values were much lower than what the search network initiates. We ran a profitable solar ad campaign by successfully converting the leads through an effective display banner on specific websites and indulging in advanced targeting.

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