Auto-optimization tools are a prime example of resources that have the capacity to increase your campaign performance tremendously. But it is defeating how so many affiliates avoid using auto-optimization because either they are not sure how it works or they have been discouraged by inaccurate stories.

Auto-optimization tools in reality are brimming with features that lighten an affiliate’s workload and help in building impressive campaigns.

Through this article, we’ll showcase the benefits of auto-optimization features and how you can take advantage of them in your campaigns.

What You Should Know About Auto-Optimization

The term “auto-optimization” may have you believe that all parts of the adjustment process will be dealt with, it is important to understand that these features are supposed to simply support your marketing activities, not replace them.

Auto-optimization is not a magic spell, it needs a bit of effort. Monitoring the results and intervening at different points is important to enhance the overall result. In addition to this, you will need a reliable tracking platform otherwise auto-optimization will not work!

Using auto-optimization doesn’t mean you cannot make manual adjustments. In fact, the best way would be to find a balance between manual adjustments and auto-optimization that enables you to get the best results without sacrificing your time.

When To Implement Auto-Optimization Tools

Auto-optimization can bring about positive results in some scenarios whereas in others, you are better off avoiding it.

Say Yes To Auto-Optimization When:

• You have a lot of campaigns and it is getting tough to optimize them manually
• You are testing new offers
• You don’t want to pay for less rewarding ad zones
• You have to be respectful of a limited budget

Say No To Auto-Optimization When:

• If you have complicated (expensive) conversions
• If you target GEOs producing low-quality conversions

Benefits Of Auto-Optimization

Auto-optimization tools are a great resource when used correctly. Some of the main benefits of using them are:

Increasing Efficiency and Ease

Auto-optimization may not be the ultimate solution but it still takes away a lot of work from your hands. It can work around the clock and analyze data 24 hours a day. Basically, auto-optimization sets a strong base for manual optimization (if you want to do it manually) since the AI does the ground level filtering of ad zones.


Instead of waiting to optimize the campaigns till you have the time, some auto-optimization features can stop showing your ad in zones that aren’t as rewarding for the ad. So once this pattern is developed, you can save a significant amount of money.

Improved Budget Planning

By committing to auto-optimization you can actually stick to your budget without compromising the results since you can set a target price for each conversion.

Once machine learning is finalized and the algorithm is out of testing, the campaign can run on its own. The tool can adapt to ad zones performance changes and traffic fluctuations so most of your efforts can be focused on the creatives instead of manually optimizing bids and zones. Having said that, the campaign still needs minimum maintenance.

When To Be Careful With Auto-Optimization

Auto-optimization can be a great support in most cases, but there are some scenarios where it is not the best choice.

Complicated Conversion Flow

If you are promoting an expensive offer or have a complicated conversion flow, you will likely have fewer conversions. In such cases, the auto-optimizer will have a longer learning period and hence, it will cost you more. In a scenario like this, it would be better to run campaigns with Target CPA, rather than with CPA Goal.

GEOs Producing Low-Quality Conversions

Using auto-optimization may be a bad idea if you are getting a lot of low quality conversions. The algorithm detects conversion volume and not quality so it will boost traffic from these locations even when you don’t prefer these leads.

Bottom Line

Auto-optimization may not be the ultimate solution but it produces amazing results and for that, it is a resource worth investing in.

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