A warm note from Rohit Ajmani, Idea Clan’s Co-founder and CEO

Stepping Into 2021 With New Verve

As it’s time to head towards a new beginning, I am reflecting on the past year that brought in some unanticipated junctures but simultaneously, I am looking forward to 2021 and all that it has in store for us. While everyone is bidding a soothing goodbye to 2020, I am carrying all the uplifting moments and the lessons ahead but entering with new goals in mind that would keep me motivated throughout. I view this New Year as a space filled with opportunities for us to grab at every step.

For us at Idea Clan, 2020 has been quite a year with turbulence and calmness taking turns but we kept moving ahead as a team. The past year reminded us of the value of every little victory and how a few transient setbacks can make us learn a lot. We celebrated the upturn in our numbers and beavered away to overcome all the challenges.

When the countrywide lockdown was announced in March, we had to brace ourselves for dealing with the storms that were being predicted. The next couple of months were spent adapting to the changes in the way our teams worked remotely. We spared no effort to maintain the valuable bonds with our clients and strengthen them even further during the unprecedented times. I can contently declare that our team stood their ground and showed determination throughout. I am grateful for our clients who succored us as we built the operations that resonated with the existing situation.

From Brand’s Trust To Its Growth

There might be a downhill ride in 2020 going around the globe but we had our seatbelts on for only a ride that makes us stronger and takes us forward, gradually but eventually. We ventured and climbed the ladder of success making 2020 the most successful and lucrative year for our firm.

We know what it takes for a brand to grow and so, we begin by winning the trust of our clients and developing a robust relationship with them. We focus on delivering quality results to the end-users and contribute consistently to their requirements. From performance marketing, media buying, e-commerce, content marketing to lead generation, and now, even Martech, we have worked hard towards expanding our horizons.

Serving The Best To Our Clients and Teams

Apart from the numbers that are generated in a year, we are also driven by the positive responses received from our clients and the efforts put in by our teams. We believe in forming a powerful connection with all those who are associated with us in one way or another. That’s where our in-house marketing platform steps in to assist our teams and clients while optimizing and scaling campaigns on multiple digital spaces.

So, while we developed strategies to survive 2020 and escalate the growth, we simultaneously prioritized relationship-building to achieve a key place in the world of digital marketing and be among the top reliable companies that offer excellent and expert marketing services.

A Gratifying Welcome

With all the learnings and significant acquirements from the previous year, we are commencing 2021. Now, for us, delivering excellence to our end users and giving them the level of satisfaction they expect from the services is of paramount importance. We are focused on achieving our customers’ trust and serving them with quality by directing them towards the impeccable services that conform to their requirements. Our willpower to accomplish new goals is stronger than ever.

I want to express heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has stood beside us for this entire challenging year – our diligent team members and our valuable clients.

I am thanking and appreciating everyone who has faced the storms of 2020 with me and helped our firm thrive. Thank you, Idea Clan family, for being a true support system and working incessantly for attaining the heights that we envisioned together.

The goals for 2021 are set! We have signed up for this new adventure and for everything that accompanies it.

Team IdeaClan

Team IdeaClan

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