With boundless enthusiasm, unfettered creative minds, and limitless dreams, Idea Clan completed 9 years and rolled out the red carpet for the upcoming adventures. The journey that commenced in 2012 when two zealous friends, Rohit Ajmani and Sahil Walia set their sights on building a company from scratch has been full of learnings, insightful experiences, and little victories that motivated them to stay on this path and keep aiming for the starlit sky. These triumphs and unpredictable roadblocks define the journey and turn out to be the brightest aspects of it.

Idea Clan has grown tremendously and expanded its family over these past momentous years. From two passionate and dauntless individuals to a team of over 70 spirited employees who are dedicated and pulling out all the stops to achieve their targets, it has been one sublime experience.

A 2020 Rewind

When the pandemic hit and we were locked inside our homes, we didn’t let the physical distance come in the way of our goals and team spirit. We were connected through strong virtual strings and the energy was unswerving as we accomplished our targets and took one step closer towards our dreams every day. Fresh perspectives came on board and became a part of our clan during these months.

The growth has been prodigious in 2020 for us with 15 million in revenue for the company which is 5 times the last year’s revenue. Such colossal growth demands substantial perseverance and we have fueled ourselves again and our eyes are set on the targets for the next years.

This called for a celebration and the entire team gathered for making radiant memories on the occasion of Idea Clan’s 9th anniversary. It was indeed a euphoric celebration as we reflected on everything that these years brought and braced ourselves for the new challenges and a ride that would take us closer to our dreams!

Cheers To 9 Years

As we raised a toast to Idea Clan and the spectacular adventures we have encountered on our way till here, the environment illuminated with smiles and the elation could be felt in the air. Our incredible and inspiring bosses left no stone unturned while heading towards their ambitions and accomplishing the goals they had set their hearts on.

The setback and obstacles didn’t waver the determination but only strengthened their valor. They stood back up after every impediment that showed up on their way. They learned, applied the experiences, and gained a new perspective with every accomplishment.

The abstract ideas were sparking in their minds and they shaped them into gleaming reality as they poured it out from their imagination. The unattainable skies are not so far away now!

The Inception of Idea Clan

After a few years of striving, planning, and learning, the two invincible individuals were standing at the door of their company, Idea Clan, and lived the dream. It’s been 9 years and they continue to inspire every person around them with their unflinching determination and the way they come to grips with every blinding turn on the road.

It started with 8 people who stepped into the first workplace of Idea Clan with them on February 8, 2012. Now, the whole team with more than 70 people dream and create just like our mentors.

The challenges never end but we are dedicated to achieving more as we are constantly encouraged by our mentors who never let another stumbling block feel like a struggle. In fact, it is just another lesson.

Appreciating Our Team

This significant day offered an opportunity to thank every member of the Idea Clan team for their diligence and undeterred approach towards their work. Each person’s contribution is valuable to the firm and is recognized. To express this gratitude, the members were awarded and appreciated for all the efforts they have been putting in every day. The perseverance exhibited at our workplace is unparalleled and we exult in that.

From acknowledging the leadership, calling out the consistent performers and the diligent employees to picking an all-rounder from the team, the titles were bestowed on the remarkable and outstanding members of our clan.

Staying focused and motivated goes a long way and we have witnessed it over the years. Standing together through highs and lows keeps us on track and drives us towards what we aspire to become.

Spreading Ebullience

The celebrations are incomplete without music enlivening the surroundings and the team members dancing to the tunes and swaying in the jubilant atmosphere. While we love to rollick at our workplace, such events are our field day as we engross in the magic that’s unfurled.

Everyone was thrilled to be a part of this epoch-making event and cheered along with the melodies. Immersing in the celebration, the team felt grateful to be connected with such inspiring people who share similar interests and are brimming with ideas to take this firm to the pinnacle.

Frolicking And Reminiscing

The team members participated in lively activities and had the best time with their colleagues as they added cheer and vibrancy to the place. Our inspiring and strong-willed bosses took the stage and recalled a few aspects of their journey as they shared the highlights of these 9 years.

They exchanged memories, took a trip down memory lane, and recollected the achievements of the past year. The targets for the new year are set and we are all geared up with our strategies, plans, and ambitions. These 9 years taught us the value of hard work, patience, and willpower and we have refilled our bags with all of it as we are stepping into another phase of this journey.

We can’t predict what’s in store for us but the sense of unpredictability carries excitement and we are here for the grand unveiling of new adventures!

Team IdeaClan

Team IdeaClan

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