Our founders, Rohit Ajmani and Sahil Walia experienced the incredible world of Affiliate World Conferences yet again and this time, they were in the vibrant city of Bangkok.
This significant event gathers all the marketing masterminds from around the globe to fill the aura with brilliant conversations around e-commerce and performance marketing. So, our founders grab this opportunity without thinking twice, take the flight, and land in the city that’s hosting an enlightening experience blended with fun and thrill!


The 2-day event graced by some of the most brilliant minds from the affiliate industry had loads of insights for us. The team formed new connections, networked better with the affiliate community, and also learned from the great masterminds and leaders.
They also attended intellectual sessions where they met many people who brought a lot of innovative ideas to the table. These determined affiliates had their own set of experiences and connections that helped us develop a wider angle network. You will find some great tips and tricks along with one bonus tactic once you scroll below. Here’s all that the team shared about their entire journey of 2 days of a successful alliance.

Day 1

On the very first day, the team was full of excitement and energy. They quickly took their badges and roamed around to allow the feeling of being present at such a huge event to sink in. They started having conversations with many affiliates even with the ones
who were very new to the AW World Summit. The team revealed their immense energy on social media as they posted the updates and shared how eager they were to get the session started. Finally, the moment arrived when they were all supposed to be gathered inside a giant conference hall filled with prolific speakers. They covered the following three main topics of the affiliate industry:

Facebook Ads Strategy

During this part, the exact tactics for combating rising CPAs, with ways to create better offers and funnels that will drive larger audiences were shared. The next major topic from this segment was plug-and-play strategies from spending 30M on Facebook Ads this year to reducing acquisition costs with the help of an Omnichannel strategy. Also, they discussed the importance of Facebook policies and ways to triple the numbers even while being compliant. Not just this – many more secrets to win with UGC ads were unveiled. 

Google Ads Strategy

There was a vast discussion where the team brainstormed about different ways to build, rank, and monetize 5-page microsites. Various tactics by which the Clan can double the YouTube affiliate commission with precise scripts, analysis, and evolution methods. This was followed by scaling from a 7 to 8+ figure brand with the Google top impression strategy.

TikTok Ads track

The speakers shared different techniques to create, test, iterate, and scale high-converting ads for any kind of vertical globally. They unlocked hidden beta features and reverse engineering TikTok’s ad policy is really a not-to-be-missed feature. And lastly, they moved on to TikTok ad creative and content optimization strategy.

And finally moving on to the BONUS POINT.

Bonus point

If you are a truly dedicated affiliate marketer who want to witness their business reach great heights, then this tactic will guide you the entire way. So, here it is — use the 3-step content categorization system to create multiple viral ads across all platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. 

After the day-1 session, the attendees enjoyed the TikTok ads mixer with many affiliates and had a lively time with the team. Then, there was the Affiliate Block Party which is always a blast! Once this was all over, they came back to their hotel to unwind and brace themselves for all that awaited them on Day 2. 

Day 2

Day 2 was filled with even more excitement, fun, and networking. The team got ready, reached the venue, clicked a lot of selfies, and recorded a few videos to express their enthusiasm. Next up on their schedule was a session in the conference hall where they experienced the main stage being taken over by brilliant speakers sharing their affiliate marketing experiences including some tips and tricks as well. They were so ecstatic to get the masterminds to begin on the new tricks on eCommerce and Native Ads. They conducted an intense Q&A session around Native Ads and Email Marketing. Find out what they had to tell about these two major platforms:

Email Marketing Track

The masterclass included all the easy and best practices to grow an email list from 10K-170K/month. Subsequently, the $5.7M lead gen case study really blew many minds in that session, as they shared the tricks to maximize profits through data monetization and cross-sells. 

Native Ads Track

The speakers elaborated on the CPM-bidding strategy to crack the Native Ads auction to get millions of cheap clicks with high CTR Ads. The impact of 1 million leads on Taboola and Outbrain on recession-proofing our Native Ad campaigns. The tactics of how experts approach product market fit, testing, and the most crucial and critical KPIs measuring shorts in the Native Ads panel. 

Opportunities for you

If you are new in the affiliate marketing industry then attending such events will turn out amazing as it is filled with tonnes of lessons and learning opportunities. So, if you ever have the chance to attend one, then we suggest you should definitely head for it. 

Learning Opportunity

The affiliate industry is an ocean where you will learn to scale and earn on different platforms. You will learn many tactics and strategies shared by expert affiliate marketers that will help you boost your sales and traffic.

Networking Opportunity

In any affiliate event, you get an outstanding opportunity to network with big brands, ad agencies, and affiliate networks. You also get a chance to expand bonds with other like-minded participants at the event. 

Cracking Business Deals

In any given event when you find the opportunity to network, you also get the chance to crack good business deals. All you need is to interact with as many individuals and teams present there and you can successfully gain more business for your team and your brand.

Closing Words

Being a part of this is an amazing experience as you can learn from all that our cofounders shared here. If you already belong to the affiliate, advertising, marketing, or tech industry, attending this conference might reap loads of benefits for you!

If you have already attended any AW World Conference before or planning to attend the next one, we would like to connect with you. 

You can write us via email or fill up the contact form if you have any questions. Make sure you navigate to our blog section if you are planning to learn more about performance and affiliate marketing.