Eleven years ago, a distinguished and exuberant partnership of Rohit Ajmani and Sahil Walia established a company named “IDEA CLAN,” which has since grown into a prominent player in the MarTech sector. Presently, this formidable MarTech organization has reached a pinnacle of success and is poised to ascend even higher and ELEVATE, bolstered by a fervent team of over 150 zealous individuals.

So, when it was time to celebrate #11YearsOfIdeaClan on April 29, 2023, it had to be 11x GRAND, 11x LIT, 11x GLORIOUS, and 111x AWESOME! So, the plan was set and the whole team geared up to execute the planning and turn the envisioned event into a reality, similar to what the Clan does for their everyday work goals.

The theme of this year’s celebration was – Let’s Elevate – and the team visualized every detail that exuded the true essence of “ELEVATE” for the organization. So, the brainstorming commenced and it yielded powerful results for the graphics that would illuminate the venue.

The venue of our event was Soho Gardens, Panchkula, a luxurious outdoor & indoor space, just impeccable for the celebration that the team had imagined. As the day of the celebration arrived, the venue was transformed into a haven of creativity and inspiration, with every detail carefully curated to reflect the essence of Idea Clan and the event’s theme. When the guests arrived, they were greeted by a vibrant red carpet that led them into the beautifully-decorated venue. The air was buzzing with excitement as everyone eagerly awaited the start of the event.

The proceedings began with a warm welcome note setting the tone for the rest of the day. This was followed by a traditional lamp-lighting ceremony by the Founders and their family, signifying the start of the festivities.
The event was a huge success as it brought together the ent
ire team under one roof to celebrate the company’s achievements and set the stage for the upcoming year. The insightful and thought-provoking presentations by the team leaders were the highlight of the event. They shared their experiences of the past year and their goals for the future, providing valuable insights into the company’s performance and strategy.


After the team leaders, the Founders took to the stage to reflect on the company’s journey over the last 11 years. The leaders expounded their future aspirations and overarching vision, underscoring the crucial significance of augmenting the team size and expanding their capabilities, in order to scale great heights as a MarTech enterprise. Their eloquent rhetoric proved to be a catalyst in galvanizing the workforce to work towards a shared mission and pursue excellence in their individual capacities.

The employees were also rewarded for their contributions to the company’s success, highlighting the importance of recognizing and appreciating employees for their dedication and hard work. The team was recognized for their accomplishments and achievements throughout the year!

The team’s performances were equally awe-inspiring, featuring captivating dance routines, melodious musical performances, and other engaging acts of entertainment. The evening party vibe was infectious as everyone indulged in food, drinks, and laughter, creating a relaxed and jovial atmosphere that brought the team together.

The evening culminated in a joyous and contented atmosphere, with everyone reinvigorated for the upcoming chapter of the company and motivated to accomplish even greater feats. The event served as a testament to the organization’s unwavering devotion to its workforce, as well as its steadfast determination to attain success through collective effort, diligence, and a buoyant outlook.

The event proved to be an unequivocal triumph, leaving everyone with a renewed sense of inspiration and vigor, propelling them towards the attainment of loftier ambitions and aspirations.