Content Marketing has reached the present scenario after passing through distinct phases that enhanced the approach and infused new strategies in it for better reach and engagement. Although the outcomes are always objective and depend on the marketer’s ideas and creativity they pour in the content brewed for the readers, there are a few hacks that can come in handy while designing content for your readers.

When all the content marketing efforts are expended and there is still no significant rise in the search traffic, one could always turn to this page of tricks and implement a few and let the aroma of that content diffuse on the internet, and people will feel attracted towards it.

These content marketing hacks will assist you while you work towards creating a space on the web with your inventive content. If content marketers are struggling with the content and its strategies, then these tips will help you build your brand online and drive visitors to your website.


  1. Viral Ideas All The Way

Start the ball rolling with ideation and make sure you have seated yourself in the place of your audience and have worn their perspective while you curate these viral ideas. There are times when certain ideas experience a downfall and the only reason for such a disappointing ride is the reaction of the people who land on your page. You need to convince them with a strong emotion that has a firm grip on your content.

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If marketers are successful in making people laugh and offer them amusing content, their ideas will go viral. While focusing on making your content search engine-friendly is crucial, one must also make sure to mold it in a way that satisfies your audience and they return for another tempting round.


  1. Add Keywords To Your URL

One of the SEO marketing hacks that has proved to be quite effective in various cases is the usage of keywords in the URL. When the keywords that you are targeting are added to the URL, it becomes easy to communicate with the people who chance upon the link. They can easily determine the purpose of the link with those few readable words that they can fathom in the URL.

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Apart from this advantage, the keywords in the URL have a strong impact on the search results. According to one research, the URL is one of the noticeable aspects that a lot of searchers take into account when they are exploring the results.


  1. Give A Voice To Your Headers

Your headers need to contain information and so, making them 8 to 15 words long can contribute to amplifying your website traffic. This is because when you have a viral post, it would be shared further (that’s the number 1 rule of content marketing!) and will reach the people who have no clue about what that post contains. So, your header should be able to speak through those few words.

A long header will be informative and reveal a bit of the content but the main elements should still be smartly concealed to spark curiosity in the minds of the readers. Headers deserve a voice of their own!


  1. Know Your Target Audience

Once you have designed your website and taken into account every detail revolving around the content that you have created and put forward, you need to aim with perfection. Your target audience carries a lot of weight in deciding the traffic that is driven towards you.

Revisiting your target audience is one trick to gain impressive content marketing skills. If you throw the dart with a perfect aim set in your head, it will hit the right spot. Obviously, there are other essential factors to consider as well but you have to be plugged into your target audience to increase the traffic on your website.

Your content will be appreciated by the audience who truly understands the essence of it and hence, reaching them by following a smart path will be beneficial for your venture.


  1. Make Your Articles Circumstantial

One thing that marketers have learned with time is that Google has an inclination towards in-depth articles. The search engine picks such elaborate ones and puts them in a position that is the easiest to access by the searchers and readers. When you are writing an article, include every little string that connects the topic with the real-world. Put in all the information and details that you have discovered after thorough research.

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According to a few studies, an article that contains more than 2000 words gives a desirable performance in the search results. So, an in-depth article will pave way for your venture’s growth by ameliorating the search traffic and the ranks assigned to your website.

Moreover, if a person is deeply engaged in your in-depth article, they are more likely to share it and it will reach a larger audience.


  1. Revamp Your Call-To-Action Buttons

Content marketing is incomplete without call-to-action and all the marketers would agree with this statement. Whether it is an article you have published, a video being uploaded, or an e-book you wish to publicize, a call-to-action will determine the impact of that published content. Placing a call-to-action button and testing it will elevate your conversion rate significantly.

You need to construct an effective call-to-action button that will attract the people who visit your page. It should be captivating enough to hold the visitor’s attention for a long time. Use terms such as “gifts”, “get a free quote”, “add to cart and save” instead of being pushy with “buy”, “download” or “subscribe”.

Once you figure out what the audience trusts and clicks on more, you will have a call-to-action that will have a positive influence on your website and content.


  1. Enhance The Above-The-Fold Region

For those who are just starting out with content marketing and SEO, here’s a quick and intelligible meaning of “above-the-fold” – it is the area that catches the eye of the viewers initially when they land on any website or the upper half of the front page that first loads. Research explains that the users will sit on the above-the-fold region for a longer time and then, scroll down. They spend just 20% of their time below-the-fold.

These statistics are enough for us to recognize the importance of placing crucial segments and elements above-the-fold to make the clients stay on the page and read it through. The menu bar, engaging and interactive content headlines, call-to-action-buttons, sign-up forms are some of the elements that deserve that position.

Your prospects should not have to look for your services page and so, you should put it at an attainable area that’s within their easy reach. This strategy has proved to be quite productive in content marketing as it converts a substantial amount of leads.


  1. A.I.D.A. Strategy For Receiving Comments

High-value comments make a pronounced contribution to content marketing. Such comments encourage your potential clients to build a connection with you and this continues as a smooth process generating results in your favor. With valuable comments on your page, search rankings are enhanced and you would gradually move towards achieving an aimed traffic.

Now, there’s an effective technique called AIDA that would lead to more valuable comments being left on your article, blog post, or other content. Here’s what this abbreviation stands for:

A: Capture Attention

I: Build Interest

D: Create a strong Desire

A: Call to Action

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Attention can be captured by writing powerful headlines that convey the right message and have enough emotion stored in them. Building interest may sound as easy as pie but it can be slightly complicated if you haven’t introduced yourself in an interactive way. The readers would only stay at your page if you have offered an introduction that is sparking a conversation with them.

A strong desire for the product can only be inculcated in the minds of the readers by presenting the content in a systematic flow including quotes, bullet points, and subheadings. Efficient writers would have tricks up their sleeves to accomplish this. We have already emphasized the influence of Call-to-Action. When you give the users a convenient space to act after reading the blog post, the probability of the conversions multiples to a great extent.


  1. Follow The Trend

Trends change in the blink of an eye with the search engines putting forward new updates and guidelines and brand new products flowing into the market. However, content marketers can’t sit around grousing about those changes as they have to move with these trends and adopt that pace.

Use those current trends to your benefit and create content that would speak to the potential clients and serve them with all that they are craving.

Once the news of a new trend reaches your ears, you should begin drafting the content related to that change as you can be among the first few sources of that latest information and that will drive a good amount of traffic towards you. The ideation has a substantial role to portray in content marketing and so, the more creative the idea, the better will be the response!


  1. A Social Media Strategy

In SEO marketing, the marketers usually share the link of the article on their social media accounts but that doesn’t attract the readers to their website. Placing a link will have no impact on the audience and the chances of their returning to your page or website decline.

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This can be fixed by creating engrossing posts that drop the hint of the article in a subtle but genius way. The prospective clients will read that post and would feel an urge to visit the link that you have placed below. A lot relies on the type of post that you design and present. Switch on the creativity mode and indulge in those ideas deeply.


The Inference

A content marketer is always fixated on generating remarkable search traffic and establish connections with new clients. Those two ambitions are tough to achieve but with effective techniques, tricks, and hacks being employed from your end, you will approach desirable results.

Word-of-mouth referrals are one method that has brought in high-paying clients for various businesses. But word-of-mouth would work only when your content impresses a tiny fraction of the population and they are motivated to spread the word about your product or service.